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Has anyone had experience with the sniffing people and things tic? My 12 year old DD has TS and its fairly under control but a new tic has been slowly developing and now it is getting worse. At first she just occasionally sniffed my shoulder, a stuffed animal at bedtime and her pillow at bedtime. Now she is sniffing my shoulder every few minutes. It's been the weekend so not sure what it will be like in school. Any ideas/remedies? So many tics we have been through. Thank you.

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Hi there

yes, sniffing self, other people and things is known to be a tic. And yes, a bit tricky socially!


Other than the usual things that one can try to calm tics, I don't know of anything specific for sniffing tics.

However, have you checked into seasonal/environmental allergies that may be at the root of this tic?

It just seems that sometimes people develop tics in areas that are being irritated.

My son developed a sniffing tic (more vocal than what you are seeing) once and I discovered his teacher had installed one of those dreadful scented plug in things. I chatted with her about his sensitivity to fragrances and she removed it and sure enough, the sniffing tic stopped

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