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DS16 had a big breakthrough on CBD oil. But now his main complaint is that he has trouble making decisions. It's part OCD, but I think also part brain fog.


Any suggestions?

Should I try Namenda on him?


He really wants to get to summer school that starts June 19, but I'm not sure he can yet.


Any advice?


We just added two abx this weekend for the Bartonella, and I was hoping that would help. Not yet, anyway.



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My dd's brain fog gets better when she's on an antibiotic that treats Lyme.


I say that T. Anna since I saw you post your boy has Bartonella-

unfortunately the 2 infections travel together almost always.


I also say it because my dd had been off antibiotics for 18 months or so

(I'm bad with exact time frames)


and when back on Biaxin, or Ceftin,

she is clearer. I can't deny it.

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rowingmom- did your dd have a herx with Malarone?



Not with malarone (250mg/100mg QD) which she took continuously with minocycline and azithromycin from the end of Sept 1012 until mid Nov 2012 and then pulsed with mino/azith/plaquinel/tindamax until mid March 2013.


She herxed with air hunger, chest pressure, sighing and dry cough with 1/4 tsp (30 drops) CSA BID. So that would be 10 drops BID of cryptolepis, and 10 drops BID of alchornea. She had been taking sida for 8 months before that with no issue. Our sida herx was hair loss.


She is now taking 17 drops CSA BID with no problem.

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