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Epson salt baths

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I often read about taking epson salt baths to help with tic reduction. Over the years I have had my son take the baths to attempt to help with is facial tics. I have not seen any benefit. What have other people experienced?


Also, if my child has been exposed to a drink trigger (mt. Dew) how long does it take to see a reduction in tics? After drinking it he woke up the next day with a strong winking tic that has now been there for 2 weeks.

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My son has always had immediate relief with EpsoM Salts baths

Best at night as it makes one sleepy

We use 2 cups Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) in a warm tubful of water, soak 20 minutes. Do not rinse off.

Morton Epsom Lotion is also good for rubbing into wrists for rapid absorption, or use on area most affected by tics (NOT ON FACE) but back of neck etc is good when dealing with facial tics.


But remember that if your child's tics are resulting from somthing other than TS, where the Epsom may be overall soothing, it may not be having the same effect that it does for TS tics.


The reduction after a trigger like Mountain Dew with all it's chemical junk and the yellow dye really is so variable that it is impossible to say. Moral of the story is to stay away from them!

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Obviously you are a concerned parent or else you wound not be on this site. Please have him stay away from mountain due or any sugary drinks. Salt baths are always calming here but they won't help if diet is bad. Look into what he is consuming.

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