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BRAVO probiotic. We are starting it...

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So school is out and it took me three days to make it but I finally have my first batch of BRAVO.


I gave ds 1/4 tsp of it yesterday and his head tics increased over the afternoon. I also saw new tics emerge that I hadn't seen ever.


I am assuming that we are seeing a die off. I was expecting this since he has clostridia.


We had blood taken last week and it came back negative for mycoP and his ASO and ANTI DNase were normal!! So as far as infection go, we think ds's trigger for tics right now is gut dysbiosis and clostridia. Allergies play a role too but the gut is the bigger issue.


Now to get him off the abx!! I have. Consult with Bradstreet on Tuesday to see how we manage BRAVO with abx or do we start to wean.


I just don't wNt the tics to get severe. We are at a 3 or 4 out of a 10 on the tic level and I can't handle much more.

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Day 3 on BRAVO probiotic: The first day we say increased tics and even new ones emerge! the 2nd day all the new tics disappeared and we were just left with is head jerks and a couple of vocals. However they were few and far between. Lowest I have seen in a while. So I decided to give him another 1/4 tsp at night to let the good bacteria have lots of time to grow. Today is day three and tics are LOW. They are still there, but LOW.


I am taking BRAVO and so is my other son. I am giving it to my whole family. I am hoping to help out my IBS and clear up my other son's gut as I think he may have dysbiosis as well. (He is NON-PANDAS though).


I hate writing all this stuff because every time I do, things go downhill right after. But I am praying for healing and to get off the abx so optimal healing can occurr.


Slowly, i am reducing his augmentin every couple of days. I'll will keep you all posted on our progress.

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So I spoke to Bradstreet about how to handle abx. He wants to keep DS on them for at least a month of the BRAVO. Apparently the GcMAF in the BRAVO will help even with the abx in his system. I still give the BRAVO in the middle of the day and at night as far away from the abx as possible.


From what i have exeprienced, ds still needs the abx because everytime i try to wean him, the tics become constant. When I put him back up to recommended dose, the tics become very mild. Its crazy and I hate it but if he needs it to keep inflammation down then so be it. Abx works better than ENHANSA at controlling inflammation (at least for us).


Right now we are only on week 1 of BRAVO and I can't say that its been a miracle, but it hasn't made anything worse so that is a good thing!!


We will do a repeat OAT in a month to see how his gut has fared so far.


right now tics are a 3 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst. He also does not have any behaviors. I think we are in an OK place.

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I can tell that this is going to be a process. Gut healing takes time. 1 week on BRAVO and I am slowly increasing the dose to 1/2 tsp 2x a day. This stuff is supposedly so powerful that you have start out very slow.


His poops are amazingly healthy looking too.


Tics are still there but gradually, gradually............ i can't even type it....i don't want to say :)

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OK i have been afraid to type it but this is the 3rd day in a row where his tics are the lowest I have seen since last October or before. Dare I say it, but BRAVO is WORKING.



Now my son's biggest issue is his gut health. i know from a recent OAT test that he had yeast, clostridia and tons of bad bacteria. The clostridia and yeast were most likely the cause of his most recent ticcing especially since his strep titres are finally back to normal. He also tested neg for MycoP, EBV and Lyme.


So for anyone that is in a similar situation with their child and can't seem to get the gut back in order, BRAVO seems like a real option. I can't believe how powerful this stuff is. I have only been giving him 1/4 - 1/2 tsp 2x a day.


Since its a milk based probiotic i was nervous about giving it to him since he is dairy free but that does not seem to affect him at all. Its more about the good bacteria and the GcMAF that in this stuff.


i am very hopeful about this.


DS is doing very very well right now.

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2 weeks on BRAVO and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being debilitated, DS is barely a 1. Vocals almost ALL gone. If I hear one its a seldom occurrance. He has one motor that he does occasionally which looks like he is trying to shake water off his forearms. And while we are at the pool it looks totally normal.


Even that tic is pretty mild at this point too.


i am starting to cook up my 2nd batch of this stuff. Its pretty powerful and all i can say is WOW.


so if you have a child with severe gut biome issues (bad bacteria, clostridia, dysbiosis of any kind) this is your mercedes of probiotic. And trust me, its just as expensive as a mercedes too!

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I am being lazy and not looking this up, but,

I understand you make this/ ferment

is the final product a yogurt you eat?

The kids are willing to eat it?

(I imagine at the price they have no option!)


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The probiotic is a yogurt once its all made. It tastes exactly like plain greek yogurt but a littl emore liquid consistency. I put a teaspoon of it into applesauce (you have to start very slow) and mix it up. Both my kids take it and actually like it.


As for other probiotics, they do not work nearly as well. The BRAVO has been a game changer and i think its because of the GcMAF which is in there. The GcMAF activates macrophages which eat viruses and bacteria. The BRAVO is creating a whole new gut biome for him.


So since his tics were primary from the clostridia and gut dysbiosis then the BRAVO is what he needed. So no matter the symptoms, if they are because of an unhealthy gut, this probiotic would help for sure.


They also came out with a 24/hr process instead of the 3 day process and its $300 Euros for a 3 month supply. Much cheaper than the $860 I paid for a 3 month supply. They say its the same exact thing once its all fermented into a yogurt.


i hope this answers your questions!!

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Tics did increase the first couple of days on BRAVO and I thought it was die off but Bradstreet said it was the yogurt's reaction with the endocannabanoid 2 system. Kind of like activating the immune system. But after like 2 days the tics just kept getting lower and lower.


i can't wait to get my easy kit. The hard kit is killing me. i just started my 2nd batch!

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Was a member of a GCMAF facebook page but it did not seem very secure and it seemed people were afraid to post on it. Received this today, it looks a bit more secure (ok--probably not) and may be more helpful since it is set up by the company itself:

It has come to our attention that many people are wanting to know more about GcMAF and so we now have our own Official Facebook Page (First Immune Gcmaf) and Group (First Immune GcMAF).

You can find our Facebook pages here, https://www.facebook.com/FirstImmune and https://www.facebook.com/groups/649148908471720/

Of course, you have to join the 'group'.

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