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Coughing and milk


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This is so interesting to me and once again shows me how foods effect my children. Dd has been milk free for years and doing well. Don't recall when we started to introduce it but know it went downhill from then slowly. Basically milk affects her moods swings and makes her more prone to arguing. But what really is interesting is this coughing. I know she had a cold a while ago but had this coughing that lingered. Yes knew to get her off milk but I kept putting it of because she is enjoying all the foods with cheese. Never had an actual glass of milk. Went to creamery a couple weeks ago and had a Oreo blizzard bc brother has had one and basically that is where I new I could nail her with this is not okay. She got a stomach ache halfway through and started coughing really bad a day or so later and said I need to see doctor a couple of days later. I could tell the couch was tic like if it makes sense but never coughed during night. Her voice was getting scratchy the next day bc of the coughing it was sad. I really started wondering if it's bronchitis or something in her chest. I always had a feeling it's the milk before I take her to doctor so for 50 cents a day dd agreed to go milk free (. I am a sucker and desperate to try) dad gave her another 50 cents so she is rolling in the dough. guess what within three days her coughing is like 75 percent better! So basically the milk is causing all this issues. Her coughing is now at 90 percent better. It is so interesting and crazy how milk can cause issues that others would not realize. It causes tics in my daughter. I can hear the rhythm in the cough and sniffling and it's crazy how it's a food item that causes it. She is doing so much better we also took some more sugar out that ds is bringing home. It's not bronchidits and her voice is back and she knows she is feeling better. A week later with dairy free she is doing great. I feel like I have made her suffer for months but it just progressively got worse. Tics come from so many things and foods seem to be a big one here. Hope this can help others.


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