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Now panicking. More myco questions

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Ok. It was not till very recently when I figured out my son has chronic asymptomatic myco. His icg went is still pretty much unchanged at 1324 and his icm slightly lower from a year and a half ago to 820. At first I was concerned with the other active infections that he was battling but now I am reading up on how myco can be host to so many other diseases. First of all, can a kid have chronic myco and no symptoms. Second, can he have myco and no Lyme? Third, any successful stories on beating chronic myco? What was the protocol and how long did it take? My son took one week of biaxin last year and was not tested till a year and a half later. I feel like his pandas doctor should have followed up. What is an appropriate doctor to deal with chronic myco? Would dr t be the man or someone more specialiEd? Help please.

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I do believe you can have mycoplasma without Lyme but I would go to great extent to rule out Lyme. Chronic mycoplasma and chronic chlamydia pneumonia are very common with Lyme... where there is smoke there is fire.


Yes I think there are some success stories beating just Mycoplasma/PANS. However, if the titers are unrelenting then further investigation is absolutely required. You might PM NorCal Mom as they were dealing with extremely high titers for mycoplasma that have come down over time. I also had chronically high Mycoplasma titers along with Lyme. My titers have dropped to a range where our Dr. now feels its a non-issue.


Integrative LLMDs are great at treating chronic mycoplasma.

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Take a deep breath and stay calm. I agree with sf_mom. I think you can have Myco alone but because there is such a strong relationship to Lyme you should investigate to be sure. Myco often takes up to two years with combination antibiotics and supplements to completely rid the body. That doesn't mean you will see terrible symptoms during this entire time so don't panic. I believe that an LLMD is the best to treat because they know the co-infections the best and know how to be aggressive with therapy.


We have been treating Myco / Lyme for 3 years. My daughters levels came in the normal range a few months ago. My sons were in the normal range around 18 months or so but then he flared and his levels went back up last fall so he was never really rid of it.


It is a tricky pathogen, just like Lyme. You must be aggressive and persistant. Do not give up and do not let someone tell you it isn't important because there aren't symptoms. Read everything you can and get educated. This is your best defense.



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