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What are you using to treat the Bartonella?


The integrative doctor, wanted us to double the following (DS16 takes 1 of each/twice a day).

Olive leaf extract






I think he may be herx ing from the tincture of Sida Acuta+Hawthorne.


Would increasing the above cause a herx?



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Buhner's bartonella protocol:




Research is ongoing, this is the most up to date protocol:
Sida acuta tincture (from Woodland Essence or julie@gaianstudies.org) ¼ tsp 3x day for 30 days
• Hawthorn tincture, same
• Japanese knotweed, (tincture, same dose (from same sources as Sida acuta, above), or capsules from Green Dragon Botanicals 2 capsules 3x daily)
• EGCG 400mg +- daily
• Houttuynia (Yu Xing Cao – 1st Chinese Herbs, powder – use “LYME” code at checkout for 10% off) 1 tbl daily
• L-arginine 5000 mg daily in divided doses
• Milk Thistle seed, standardized, 1200 mg daily
All for 30 days.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have active herpes, chicken pox, or shingles DO NOT USE L-arginine.


Sida acuta is a broad spectrum antimicrobial and could well produce die-off, along with OLE.


Reishe will support immune function, so the immune system may become more involved in killing off infection, thus die-off.

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I know I cannot ask this, but...

How long before you saw results?


We only added Azith and Mepron a day apart. All the rest were added over time. And now I know that the herx was the Sida Acuta, but he seems over it now.


We're on everything but the l-arginine and houttaniya.



Thanks as always,


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Dr Zhang sells his own capsules called HH - one source here:




which I think may be double strength and WoodLandEssence sells the tincture:




We use the powdered herb from 1stChineseHerbs. 1/4 tsp powdered herb made into infusion, cooled and taken. 3x daily.




In talking to Buhner's associate the other day I enquired about the safety profile of 1stChineseHerbs' products, being they are often sourced from China. She said they are 3rd party tested for metals and other contaminants and that she and Buhner have no problem recommending them.

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