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Permethrin - anyone used this on clothing?

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In an attempt at a return to normalcy, DD is attending outdoor day camp. Surrounded by woods in an endemic Lyme area . I am thinking of washing her clothes in permethrin in addition to other precautions. Have agreed with lld to treat her for Lyme at the end of the summer regardless of known bite or not. Was wondering if others had done?

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I have had my husband's golf clothes and a few of my daughter's items (socks, golf shirt- for when she goes with him) treated through insect shield (permethrin). By having it treated at insect shield, it last the life of the garment (or 70 washes). I try and spray the golf shoes, sneakers, monthly May- Sept with Sawyers peremethrin.


I just ordered a treated sweatshirt and some socks for my daughter at bugbewear.com. Its insect shield - last 70 washings.


For insect spray, we use Avon bug guard plus "Expedition" (IR3535) insect repellent/sunscreen, Avon bug guard plus "Picaridin" without sunscreen, and Coleman insect repellent (IR3535). Coleman you can purchase at Rite Aid. Avon also sells bug guard plus wipes which are nice. These products deter ticks for 10-12 hours.


edit- you can find insect shield treated clothing at the site I listed above, REI, LL bean, Ex officio, Orvis, Columbia. Or you can send your clothes to insect shield and they will treat and send them back. That's what I did with my husbands golf shirts.

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We use permethrin from REI for clothing. I spray shoes and socks for golfing and DD's pants and shirts and hats for horseback riding. I also spray the dogs' beds with permethrin and they are treated with a heartworm/flea/tick systemic.


Permethrin lasts through a couple of washings so doesn't need to be reapplied every time, but it does disintegrate in the sun, so if there is a lot of sun exposure to the clothing you might want to reapply for that reason.


DD doesn't get to do the spring riding session because ticks are too numerous at that time.


We spray exposed skin with Natrapel picaridin. My husband and son say it works better than DEET at repelling mosquitoes.

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