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Eye rolling tic - advice please - desperate mom

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Hello -


I've posted here several times and got great advice with good results - for the past two weeks my DD's TS has reduced by about 80% and she went to school a full day for 4 days - a first since early January. Thank you!


But now she has a new tic - the awful eye roll. She is so uncomfortable - headaches constantly, out of school 2nd day now, can't possibly concentrate on schoolwork. I read that eliminating dairy can help, as well as magnesium. She was dairy free but we had her on a Kefir probiotic drink and were getting lazy with dairy - having cheese, etc. So I cut that all 100% yesterday. Also started her on 1 tsp Calm magnesium. She had not tolerated this well before but trying again. Also has seasonal allergies that affect her eyes - the tic kicked in right when the pollen started.


I saw lots of posts about dairy and magnesium helping - can anyone please tell me their long-term results with the eye rolling tic? How long after eliminating dairy did you see results? Did it come back? Please, any thoughts would be so helpful to me! Thank you!

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as different people respond in variable ways there is no fixed timeline to give other than that usually removing an offending substance shows pretty quickly. Remember kefir is in a different category that general "dairy".......


If it is seasonal allergies triggering the eye tics (which is a commonly reported issue) than you may want to try to use an anti-histamine and see if that helps. I prefer natural ones so as to reduce the chemical exposure from the conventional rx and otc products


here are some good alternative natural anti-histamines http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/lifestyle-guide-11/allergies-allergy

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Thank you, Chemar - I know you are a guru here! I am curious about something you said - please explain what do you mean Kefir is not in the category of general dairy - if I am trying to avoid dairy for the reduction of tics do you think Kefir is OK? She really likes the evolve brand kefir but the first ingredient is milk, 2nd is sugar. But if she could tolerate just that each day, it would make life so much easier. She's very picky and I have to crush everything she takes, even tasty chewables. I put a few things in that kefir, and that seems to work well.


I actually gave her two things today out of desperation to help the eye rolling - Magnesium and Zyrtec. MUCH improved! Now of course I committed the cardinal sin of trying two things at once, so not sure which one helped. I will figure it out. Please still send advice - the more info the better.


Thank you!!!!

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Hi Jane

I know nothing about Evolve kefir but would be a bit concerned if they add sugar??


The kefir we use is Lifeway plain and they use milk from type A2 beta casein producing cows so there is less of a chance for intolerance. Hereis more about that



Also with kefir being a fermented product, most people do not have negative "dairy" reaction to it as they would with milk, cheese and other dairy products.


If you child has a diagnosed dairy allergy then coconut kefir is a good alternative

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Hi Jane,


I've had TS since I was five. It first started with eye blinking. I've never had eye rolling. But it definitely has been my most irritating tic. Only a few years ago (I'm 43 now) I discovered something--wearing tight swim goggles helps. Strangely enough, it takes away the tic impulse in my eyes almost entirely. I don't know if it will work for eye rolling but you never know. I hope it helps. Will say a prayer for you and your daughter and family.



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