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33 years old, tourettes debilitating/embarrassing

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Have had TS since age 5, now 33 and keeps getting worse, almost debilitating. I'm not aware of illnesses/situations as a child that caused it, I do know my mother smoked marijuana when pregnant with me, not sure if that can be the culprit.


I always had tics that I could tolerate to some extent from age 5 up until my mid 20's, they were minor. I was made fun of and stared at, but I dealt with it. They now have gotten really bad, the older I get, the worse they get. I have most of the common ones, no need to list them. I have two that are very embarrassing. The 1st- my entire body jerks, standing or sitting, its like having a 1 second convulsion. I need to do it 4 or 5 times in row, resting only 1 second in between. Literally, after only 5 min have passed, I need to repeat the cycle. The 2nd- a yell, that has to be so loud that I can feel the back of my throat vibrate. Most times, I need to do both tics together. This also goes on almost constantly.


I'm getting to the point where I'm embarrassed to attend events outside of family functions. I have two little girls, and I feel embarrassed for them, as they get older (they are 1 and 3), I envision friends asking why their mommy does that, and they will make fun because of my tics.


There is something very odd about my tics. I recently was seeing a boyfriend, during the time spent with him, usually sitting on the couch for a few hours, these two major tics almost went away. They would come out when i walked away from him, to use the bathroom, or get food in the kitchen. As soon as I got back in my car to drive home, they returned full force. I don't recall myself trying to suppress them. Also, when I meet a new person, or attend an unfamiliar place, the two major ones almost go away, but always come back once that person is no longer new, or place is no longer unfamiliar. Can anyone explain that? Maybe this shows sign of hope!


Obviously everyone is different, there isn't one solution across the board. Wondering if there are any popular supplements that anyone has had luck with. I have tried BonTech supplements, no luck. I have spent so much money on 3 or 4 different naturopathic doctors, still no luck. At this time, I don't have very good health insurance.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Pie_224,


Sorry for the delay--and to read that you have been dealing with Tourettes since the age of 5. I imagine it's tough as a young mom of two.


We're glad you wrote. As a starting point, please do me a favor. Go to this article and see if any of the triggers mentioned there ring a bell for you.


We feel that a lot of folks don't know that there can be a lot of things that aggravate tics.




In that article you will see a link for Finding Triggers, and it has some additional tips.


Please respond and let us know if you have noticed any triggers, and what type. Then we'll see if we can help come up with some answers for you.


I read that you don't have insurance. . . Even if you haven't noticed triggers (except the opposite, sitting with a boyfriend!) please respond as there should be things we can come up with to help you.






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