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BLO Bartonella Like Organisms?

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Anyone have any experience with treating this?


DS16, is doing so much better and we are going to try to treat this and see if we can get back to 100%.


Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this.



DS16 - doing amazing well after starting CBD Hemp Oil (www.bluebird-botanicals.com)

We had tried, IVIGs, PEX, abx, synthroid, antivirals, supps, nothing gave us the results that this did.

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DD tested positive for B hensalae so we went after it.


She did test negative for both Babesia duncani and microti, but both the LLMD and I think she is dealing with babesia-like-organisms because of her babs herx response to Buhner's babesia herbs. She had no herx response to malarone.


There are lots of bartonella organisms out there, probably more that haven't been identified:




This is why I like herbs so much. They contain multiple components and may treat more broadly than pharmaceutical antimicrobials do.

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