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Good overview of methylation problems and disease

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Not that LLM hasn't explained all of this to us before, but this is a good overview:




A part excerpt:


Usually in severe cases, the symptoms are due to toxin build-up; please note the methylation defect does not cause Lyme, which is a tick-borne illness. But the infection causes ammonia, quinolinic acid, acetylaldehyde, etc… and methylation defects reduce the person’s ability from properly detoxifying, repairing the damage and fighting the infection and co-infections. This explains the severe symptoms that come and go in some people, and why some folks herx so badly and others don’t.


One process of methylation turns on and off genes, this means it affects your DNA (genetic code). The ability to methylate helps you process toxins and hormones. For example, estrogen… you make it in your body, and you also get it from xenobiotics (chemicals in shampoos, pesticides, herbicides, plastics and more) if you can’t break down estrogen and get it OUT of your body, you could develop all sorts of disorders.

Methylation also plays a role in making and breaking down various neurotransmitters, such as energy producing epinephrine and sleep producing melatonin. Most people are concerned about making enough neurotransmitters but don’t sell yourself short. If there’s a problem breaking neurotransmitters down, then they will hang around in excess which may cause unwanted issues such as seizures, insomnia, panic attacks and fits of rage to name a few. See how methylation might apply to you or someone you love?!


Consider the people who might have a methylation problem: Children with autism, anyone with a seizure disorder, neurological condition, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, severe Lyme disease, chronic infections, low T cells or reduced NK cells, diabetes, allergies, fertility issues, miscarriages, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, anxiety or any psychiatric illness. Oh, and if you are extremely sensitive to medicine, or to laughing gas (given by the dentist) you might have a methylation problem, too. See my list above for other conditions associated with methylation problems.

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