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Best IVIG out there?

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We are considering IVIG for our DS - 8 years old and 75 lbs. Are all IVIG brands created equal? Are some "purer" than others (in terms of contaminants and such)? I recall reading a post where someone compared the different IVIGs but cannot seem to find it again.


Can someone help us understand the different options out there? How did you make your choice?



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When our doc recommended the treatment, I did not understand at first that there are different medicines and different protocols for the IVig to treat PANDAS. We just went along with the doctor and I am so glad that the treatment for our DD included the same medicine and protocol that was being followed in the NIH study. She received a 2 day long IVig of Gamunex-C. Once. We are hoping that is all she will ever have to have. She had the procedure one year ago and is doing well. Good luck with your son.

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