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Does anyone know if the chicken pox vaccine versus actually getting the chicken pox is safer for kids with PANS/PANDAS?


Is it the safe for other childhood diseases as well?


If anyone could shed light on the issue, I would appreciate it!


Thank you.

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Make an informed decision, do not trust your PCP to make it for you.






From the link directly above:


Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and varicella-zoster vaccines should be avoided if immunity is significantly impaired (see 'Immunodeficiency and live vaccines', below).

Immunodeficiency and live vaccines

Live vaccines should not be given to:[2]

  • Patients actively being treated for malignancy (chemotherapy, generalised radiotherapy).
  • Patients within six months of such treatment.
  • Transplant patients on immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Patients within six months of bone marrow transplant.
  • Within three months of adults receiving 40 mg/day of prednisolone for more than a week.
  • Within three months of children receiving certain doses of prednisolone (2 mg/kg/day for one week or 1 mg/kg/day for one month).
  • When steroids and immunosuppressive drugs are being given together (the specialist in charge should be consulted).
  • Patients with impaired cell-mediated immunity or immunodeficiency syndromes such as DiGeorge's syndrome and severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome.






From the link directly above:


Overvaccination not only exposes people to potentially dangerous adverse reactions, but it may damage the health of the greater community. Take varicella zoster (chickenpox), for example. According to Dr. Humphries:12

"Prior to the universal varicella vaccination program, 95 percent of adults experienced natural chickenpox (usually as school aged children)—these cases were usually benign and resulted in long term immunity. This high percentage of individuals having long term immunity has been compromised by mass vaccination of children, which provides at best 70 to 90 percent immunity that is temporary and of unknown duration—shifting chickenpox to a more vulnerable adult population where chickenpox carries 20 times more risk of death and 15 times more risk of hospitalization compared to children. Add to this the adverse effects of both the chickenpox and shingles vaccines, as well as the potential for increased risk of shingles for an estimated 30 to 50 years among adults."

A young child with active chickenpox, who comes into contact with an adult who had chickenpox as a child, is giving the adult a natural "booster" that will not cause symptoms but will strengthen the adult's immunity to the disease. But since the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine in 1995 in the US, followed by chickenpox vaccine mandates in the states, there are fewer natural boosters for the adult population. Now, there is a shingles (herpes zoster) epidemic among adults – and Merck is the sole producer of both chickenpox and shingles vaccine in the US!

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I do not think that there is enough data regarding one vs the other with our PANDAS/PANS kids. However, I would opt to skip the vax. I would rather my son actually catch the chick pox and gets it over with. There is not enough data regarding the longevity of the vax efficacy. If an adult male catches it, it is serious and can render him sterile. In healthy kids, it is an uncomfortable and unpleasant illness most of the time and once it is done, it is done. I was born in '64 and Chick pox was a right of passage, in a way. I am not advocating that you send your kiddo out to catch it, and the likelihood is less due to so many kids being vaxed for it now, but I feel that even offering this vax to the general population may be a bad idea in the long run.

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I have four children. My oldest received the chickenpox vaccine at 18 months and within a week had a high fever and head to toe rash. Not sure if it was related to the vaccine, but I have always thought so. When she turned 10 she had a severe case of shingles. It was awful.

My three other children did not receive the chickenpox vaccine and all three of them came down with chickenpox at the same time. They were two, five, and seven years old at the time. I did not notice any increase in their PANS symptoms while they had chickenpox. If I had it to do over again, I would not get the vaccine. I feel that we were lucky that all three of them got chickenpox at a younger age.

I also feel that my husband and I and my daughter who was 12 at the time got a booster just from being around them.

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Our middle child got 4 cold sores per week after his chicken pox vaccine, age 2. He was put on an anti-viral for 7 years and is on it again at age 19 with cognitive gains. He is Dyslexic.


After all my research for my PANDAS child and his great improvement on anti-virals and improvement for kids on antivirals with Autism I truly feel there is a connection with the chicken pox vaccine and Herpes Simplex 6. The Herpes Virus is notorious for causing encephalitis.


Two Dr.'s at last weeks Symposium discount high HHV titers and thought are gains were circumstantial. We went from titers 16x higher than normal range which dropped to normal in 6 months treatment. Our behavior changes were not subtle either...In 36 hours change was so drastic we wouldn't of ended up in the ER and psych. He was calmer and began eating.


I have wondered if my other son at 2 dodged an Autism bullet when put on this antiviral.


This was our experience. I think it is complicated and both a gut-immune dysfunction combined with Brain Barrier Breach.

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I would not do it. Full disclosure my son is currently fully vaxed at age 10. If I could have a redo, he would not receive any modified live vaccinations and I would only give one vax at a time spaced out with all the others.


I had chicken pox as a child. I had a particularly nasty case as I also had eczema as a child. While it was uncomfortable I did not have resulting scars nor any other permanent impairment. I now have lifelong immunity. The same cannot be said of the vaccinated. There are diseases to vax for and there are diseases that are safer, IMO, to have vs be vaccinated for in the western world of medicine and measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox are among them. I am not a doctor, however. Keep that in mind.

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We gave the varicella shot when she was 18 mo. We recently had lab work and the titers show normal range positive > 165. Kiddos is 1113 eleven years after the vaccine. Now we have to try to get her varicella antibodies down.


I would check your child's titers before giving the vaccine anyway. If the titers are low, then do research and decide if you are comfortable trying it.

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