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questions for me this time...

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Seven years ago I found this site when searching for a reason for my son's symptoms. Happily I can say we have kicked PANDAS' butt! Now I am having my own issues and doctor after doctor can't find a medical reason, so basically it's in my head. I'm hoping one of you great people can help me again. Short story, I have a tremor anytime some thing is injected into me. Now I have a new issue, when I eat soy or peanuts I have a horrible tic. I can deal with the food problem, but anyone have an idea about injections? You can take blood, but inject anything and my blood pressure rises, severe tremor, heart palpitations, and flushing. I have posted two videos to show what I'm going through.



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Tremors can be a sign from pesticide poisoning. Soy is GMO which means it has been genetically altered to withstand heavy concentrations of Round Up without dying. On top of that to get soy bean oil they soak it in hexane a gasoline byproduct. Our bodies can no longer tolerate this assault. Peanuts are heavy in pesticides because they also spray at the end of growing season, (just like grains) as a fungal protectant for longer shelf life.


I don't know about the reaction to injections but this change in food supply has created a lot of "Mystery Illness". PANDAS wasn't on the radar till 1998 with Swedo and GMO crops started in '96. This is also when Autism and Alzheimers began to skyrocket. Dr. T said he found Parkinsons to be a gene in a lot of his PANDAS kids. This is pesticide linked.


It sounds very scary your bodies reaction. Amy Yasko explains the different pathways for detox and the tags that involve blood pressure and the heart. Consider the 23 and Me along with 100% Organic.

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