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Coughing and nose sniffling tic


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We discussed this a month ago and dd is still doing it. Her cold is gone and was going to head to doctor past week to see if it's sinuses but several days ago realize there is no drainage out of nose and when she did blow nose it's clear so I am not going crazy it's a tic. And the last thing I want to do is have her put on antibiotic . She has always been milk free but gave it all in several months ago and are back to no milk products past week or so and yes her behavior and attitude shows great improvement but still has these lingering tics which could be her getting outdoor allergens. Take her for a haircut the other day and don't hear her tic the whole time. This is when u know its a tic. To me sniffling and clearing throat aren't bad ones meanining they are not as noticeable and you can blame it on allergies which I am sure is the cause in some way. Hope my little pumpkin starts to feel better soon. She is out and about so I know it's not making her feel bad which is a good thing!! It just brakes my heart but it could always be worse .


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