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Some Hope and Encouragement

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I just wanted to offer a bit of hope for all the newbies and people in flare/exacerbation. As one of the few dads on here, this below linked song and the song "Stand" from Rascal Flatts have really encouraged me and my wife to keep pressing on.....especially in the midst of flares and the ups and downs. I just think there are many of us who many times don't have family or friends that get it....The worry, stress and battle to help our kiddos is taxing to say the least. For us, we are doing well...not perfect but the hope is there and we want to make sure everyone understands that there are people in your situation(s), we get it and just want to encourage you to not give up. This board especially and all the Pandas websites have just been phenomenal resources and encouragements to point us to people that can help.


So Thank you all for contributing!!!!!!!


"> ------------------The Sun is Rising


--------------------Rascal Flatts
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It has been a many year journey for us, but DS7, who was first dx at age 2.5, is consistently doing great as well. We do not foresee the need for any further IVig's in the future at this point and Dr. B agrees that he is likely on his way. There have been multiple treatment interventions over the years and it is my belief that coming from multiple angle is an excellent approach. Happy that yours is so much better!

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