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Update - 5 1/2 months after onset 90% back to normal (no ivig)

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Some of you may know the story; however, the initial info:


Onset was November 9, 2013. Initial symptoms were mostly repettive body movements, hopping, jumping, etc. Vocal tics starts in late December, early January. We compiled a complete list of behaviors, 30 in total on a daily basis. We were seen at the NIH December 13, 2013.


We never had a positive strep test except in January/February 2011. Our child had pneumonia in December 2010. In 2011, her brother was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and her otitus media. February 2011, she had a positive strep test. From March 2011 to June 2011 she had recurrent ear infections diagnosed as otitus media.


We treated with Augmenting, 2000 mg per day for 20 days, then Azithromyacin, 100 mg per day as a prophylaxis. We also used olive leaf extract, with 18% oleuropein, December 2013 through current with dosing was 2-3 times per day. We also started a liquid multivitamin called Calm in December. We does this 2x per day, recommended dosing was 1x per day. April 2014 we we stopped antibiotics and lowered the vitamins to 1x per day.


Our pediatrician at Kaiser was very unsympathetic and woudl not help in the beginning. The pediatrician's sister-in-law had her two grandchildren diagnosed with PANDAS. We have given the pediatrician lots of research over the months. The pediatrician finally changed teh diagnosis to "autoimmune" and dropped the OCD/TIc disorder.

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We know the Calm vitamins helped. When she did not get the Calm she was distinctly more active. The olive leaf we believe helped. We could tell much more in the beginning that it helped. There was lots of research that olive leaf is a good antiviral and antibacterial. We had difficulty finding one that was tested and accurate. Some olive leaf claims a certain percentage and they actually have much less.

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Thank you for the info. I just started reading Amy Yasko's book and I believe our kids are severely vitamin deficient leading to chronic infections. Vitamins also support the colonization of good gut bacteria. Glyphosate pesticide heavily in our food, especially GMO processed food acts as a chelator on essential minerals. Love to know if this is why vitamins are so beneficial in recovery.

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Since starting on this forum I have done much research. What I have learned/discovered so far, some are just strange facts learned or those that pointed me into a different direction.


I am a special education teacher and do not understand why PANDAS was never discussed in any of our classes. Ok so since the PANDAS diagnosis/suspicion I have learned that the NIH has several triggers listed on their site, strep was one.

  • Based on special education experience working with children with psychiatric disorders and very familiar with autism I first noticed the broad overlap of symptoms and the fact that there was a little of this and that but not everything.
  • Strep was researched first due to the existing research and knowledge about rheumatic fever and syndenham's chorea.
  • Parents discuss "other" triggers/infections. Early on I had a list of 6-7 bacterial/viral infections that may contribute.
  • Parents also mentioned on here that tests results were sometimes negative then positive. The doctors who gave best results were immunologists, infectious disease, and lyme doctors.
  • Parents/doctors talkign about long term antibiotics, vitamins, low sugar diets, gluten/casin free diets, etc.
  • Inflamation is an issue.
  • When we tested we were negative on everything except mycoplasma. Positive strep in 2011 with an addition 6 months of pneumonia/ear infections.
  • Researching strep: there are 7 types (strains) I found with multiple variations of each. Strep A-G. Strep may cause ear infections and upper respiratory infections, depending on the strain. Doctors test for Strep A mainly.
  • Mycoplasma causes upper/lower repiratory infections and ear infections. Doctors do not routinely test for mycoplasma unless pneumonia is suspected. She had pneumonia follwed by multiple ear infections and abx did not take care of it for 6 months.
  • Lots of research conducted and found research showing strep and mycoplasma and a list of 20+ other bacteria and viruses that are KNOWN to cause neuropsychiatric symptoms in people, adults and children.
  • In another forum a parent posted research about immunizations and CDC statistics. In the article there was mentioned that immunizations and vacinations are contaminated with mycoplasma bacteria, approximately 55%+.
  • I started checking mycoplasma. It is very hard to detect.
  • Based on best doctors I came across research on chronic infections and mycoplasma and treatment types.
  • I found research linking chronic infections and autism; or shall I say research showing many children with autism, 58% in one study, tested positive for one or another type of chronic infections. Many of these chronic infections are identicle that PANDAS parents are reporting also.
  • I thought back to the private school I taught at for children with autism. Many parents used a GFCF diets and talked about success. I learned that gluetin and casin cause inflamation and sugar feed the bacteria and viruses.
  • In doctor consults, PANDAS friendly doctors, that supplements (vitamins), low sugar diets, Paleo diets, and other dietary modification are used along with propylaxis abx. This was very familiar to treatments of intracellular infections.
  • Intracellular infection research showed that with one time abx treatments there is 100% relapse, other were not as high although above 90% relapse. One doctor, in his study, demonstrated 6 consecutive 6-week treatments were needed to get relapse down to 18%. Also noted, abx had to be alternated since with intracellular infections there are several areas in the cells that the abx may accumulate in and each abx is different.

more to come.

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