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Krill or flax. , borage , EPO ?


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Hi all I have been reading about the benefits of krill oil as well as those of flax , EPO and borage oil on these forums . We are about to introduce some of this to my sons regime - he has had fish oil in the past and didn't seen better or worse on it but I don't think he took it for long from memory as we were chopping and changing between supplements .

I am wondering whether he should take the krill or the flax combo ? Would both be beneficial or should we stick to one only ? Do they have similar benefits ?

Thanks so much for your help

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If your child can tolerate Krill or Fish oil, then they really do provide excellent Omega 3


Borage and Flax are very good too.

So it really is a matter of tolerance and personal preference.


My son eats a lot of salmon so he gets good natural omega 3, but is one of those TS individuals who canno tolerate fish oil supplements. He used to use the flax/borage/evening primrose oil combo but now uses freshly ground flaxseeds sprinkled on his oatmeal/kefir/blueberries, and on salads, etc


The only EPO I know of is the peptide hormone Erythropoietin? so am wondering if you meant EPA? which along with DHA, is found in fish oil.

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