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Why Tourette Syndrome Assoc Needs to be Investigated


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Chances are, if you were satisfied with the treatment options that are available for Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders, you wouldn't be on this forum. So many families like you need help finding better therapies than the drugs that are offered.
We've written a series of articles calling for an investigation of the Tourette Syndrome Association because for the last 40 years they have ignored information on safer, new directions for treatment while at the same time having a virtual monopoly on information provided to the media.
Don't believe me? Click the links below and follow this effort.

ONE Making our case – The first in a series of articles


TWO Looking back 40 years


THREE There’s a lack of research studies reflecting positive reports received


FOUR Dr. Marshall Mandell’s amazing discovery was ignored by the TSA


FIVE The TSA ignored the work of Doris Rapp, MD


SIX The TSA medical board ignored the findings of the Alternative Therapy Network for Tourette syndrome even while TSA staff referred families to it and success stories with natural treatments were mutually shared.


SEVEN The TSA and our organization had a liaison relationship for a few years . . . yet they sought to stifle our message and discourage people from trying natural approaches.


EIGHT The TSA has failed to alert the public and medical community that environmental triggers can worsen Tourette syndrome symptoms. Their negligence is indefensible.


NINE The TSA has censored and controlled the media message, making it difficult for families and physicians to learn of integrative and natural approaches to Tourette syndrome.


TEN This is the final article in a series that has documented the Tourette Syndrome Association’s (TSA) failure to determine the cause of Tourette syndrome and find safe, effective treatments for symptoms.

Please support this very important effort. We need to make sure research goes in the right direction and families learn about better options for treatment. Thank you, Sheila
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Hi Jaal, Edward was treated in a manner very similar to this recent article:




I spoke with Edward's family several years ago and he was doing very well.


If you would like to learn more about this approach, which includes efforts you can make at home in addition to seeing a doctor if that is necessary, it would be best to get our book, Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes. There are lots of family reports there. There is a lot of information there that is not possible to share in the forum or single articles.


Everyone is different and there is not one single answer for tics and related symptoms.


I hope that helps! Best wishes, Sheila







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