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azithromycin for young children? lyme

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My son is currently being treated for lyme . Some may remember a couple of other posts I put up about this; as of now the dr. has not ruled out lyme, and so is continuing to treat for it and possible Bartonella.

He had been on only amoxicillin from a previous lyme literate Dr., but this new dr. added azithromycin for him also. (She said to provent antibiotics resistance, and to treat Bartonella if it's there).


Overall he's been on amoxicillin for about 8 weeks and azithromycin for almost 3 weeks.

He's been tolerating them well, and is making great improvements. So much improvements that he's mostly just left with stomach aches and occasional headaches (although not for about a week with that) and some sore throats. His joint pain and muscle pain, dizziness, and fatigue even are so minimal, to the point of some of these not being around for almost a month now.

I feel like the new Rx of upped amoxi. and added azithromycin is making a difference.


But, now, here's my question:


I've recently read that Dr. Burrascano said not to use azithromycin in "young children" (my son is 4)


anyone know why not?



and, I've read the FDA warning that came out about a year ago saying that azithromycin may cause dangerous heart rhythms in some people. I've read that it's rare, but I have to say I'm scared of the azithromycin now!


I'm going to call the dr. tomorrow and run my thoughts be her, but she's the one who prescribed it in the first place, so it obviously means she thinks the risks are low and it's okay, but I still want to ask about it.


I thought I'd ask here though for any thoughts.

Anyone have young children who have been on azithromycin for long periods of time?


Thank you so much for any thoughts!

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our ds was almost 5 when we started both zythormax and augmentin. we saw no problems whatsoever. what we said to ourselves is that you can worry only about so many things.

we also don't have heart problems on either side of the family -- only in old age.

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DD took azithromycin for 7 months at the end of her abx treatment. For the first three months she was taking 250mg QD daily with minocycline and malarone. For the last 4 months she took it in a pulsed protocol with mino/malarone/plaquinel/tindamax.


I was nervous too when I heard about the possible heart complications, but we went ahead. At least you know to keep an eye out for heart symptoms. Palpitations and dizziness were part of DD's original symptom presentation. These quickly cleared on her initial abx protocol (biaxin/rifampin/A-Bart/A-L). We saw no sign of these or other heart involvement on azithromycin.

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My son started on azith at 26 months old for his PANDAS onset. He was on it for 11 months, then switched to cefdinir for 9 months then Augmentin for another 9. He eventually started an Augmentin/azith combo about 2 years ago. He has been on azith ever since (in combination with rifampin/cefdinir currently). We do annual heart checks, but he is also on vyvanse for his ADHD so that is why the doctors are concerned. We have not had any issues with the azith. My son is 6 now and doing very well.

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