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Can anyone share Results of IV Vitamin C, IV Phosphatydil Choline and

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The next part of my son's treatment plan involves IV vitamin C, IV Phosphatydil Choline and IV Glutathione.


Please share any results or reactions you've had with this protocol. Also if you know the purpose of it. I believe it's for immune boosting and detox but haven't researched thoroughly.

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We currently do IVs with HD Vitamin C, Phosphatydil Choline, Minerals plus Meyers Cocktail. Glutathione is typically not done on the same day as it counters the HD C.


You can google HD IV Vitamin C and cancer and a ton of information/research will come up. Vitamin C via IV at very high doses converts to Hydrogen Peroxide and will treat intercellularly both chronic viruses/infections. A great side benefit is it also stimulates collagen so my skin looks the best it ever has.


Our 10 year old son and myself get the IV mix every other week. We are both well recovered but still have a few things that crop up post infusion like fatigued for a day, headaches, increase in brain fog, etc. On the weeks we don't have IVs, we do ozone therapy. With these therapies, I was able to stop antibiotics. I started in June of 2013 and was able to completely stop antibiotics by February. Our son started these treatments protocols in September and we are hopeful he will follow the same path of recovery but unfortunately he has very high mold levels which may extend his treatment timeline.


Since your child is more symptomatic you may have more issues post IV. Remember it will treat the infections/viruses so there is always the potential of a herx.


Our son is 73 pounds, gets 20 grams of C and has an ideal saturation. I typically get 50 grams and have a very high saturation levels. I don't think Lyme is that problematic for me at this time but still have high EBV and mold/fungal problem that we are working on.

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