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Allergy Question?

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This seems silly to ask but it really is driving me nuts.


DS13 has always been what I thought was an allergy kid, but he always tested negative. Fast forward to age 12 and he finally tests positive for strong allergy to dustmites AND his tissue transglutaminase IgA was quite high (92.4 percent specific marker for Celiac).


So we are gluten free and dairy free, though my impulsive/compulsive child still "cheats" at school. It's been about 10 days since we started trying this approach.


Have talked before about severe facial flushing... am sure it must be allergic responses... but it has been somewhat better. He also started 1/2 Claritin.


Tonight, he had baked sweet potato, baked chicken and salad. All gluten free, all dairy free -- homeade dressing et cetera. Water to drink. No meds.


Within about 20 minutes, he had bright red ears. And some hyperactivity.


It's not temperature related -- he's eaten similar hot foods and not had the reaction. He's also not anxious.


What am i missing?

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Red ears only? Not any redder on limbs, for instance?


My DS has environmental allergies and was prone to eczema, especially when younger. To this day, when he's entering a "ramped up" phase in which he's contending with a higher level of anxiety . . . finals, academic competitions, demanding new social situations . . . . his arms will "flush." I thought we (his dad and I) were the only ones who noticed it, but he prefers short-sleeved shirts, even in winter, and his case-worker at school has put it together, as well. She told us a few weeks ago that when he walks into her class and there's a red tinge to his arms, she knows he's getting worked up over something at school and it's time to sit down with him and let him "destress."


Now we know that this is a good time to put Pepcid into play; seems as though this flushing is a histamine reaction, and the Pepcid seems to help abate the sort of short-term "flash anxiety" mentally as well as the flushed skin reaction.

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Hmmm. Yes, DS does absolutely have other flushing when in a flare particularly. And noticed previously that flushing seemed to precede the onset of the OCD/behavioral flares. Facial being most dramatic but all over body absolutely present. This, along with the urinary accidents and sometimes a stronger body odor (I should say stronger than usual-- he's 13!) will help me predict the rest of the sequence. And the flushing will be more pronounced the entire flare.


The red ears are different. Seem to happen independent of the above and more so after eating. Had thought it was something he was eating. But after removing what I thought was "everything," it still happened. And he does not have the other redness.


Of course, watch-- tomorrow- everything else will start. Ugh!

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Could he be allergic to one of the other foods in the meal? There are some big names contenders in food allergies but allergies can develop to all sorts of foods. For example some folks with egg allergy can't eat chicken. Or you can be straight up allergic to individual meats, I suppose salad veggies too maybe? What was the dressing made from? Malt vinegars usually contain gluten.


What about salicylates? Some veggies are high in these.. eg tomatoes





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Thanks. Good thoughts. Will read up about Phenol and salicylates!

Can't believe I've waited so long to address all these things....


Dressing was balsamic? read prior it was okay but... No tomatoes. Maybe the sweet potato though or some other veggie... Seems okay with egg and chicken at least in past. Time to seriously chart! Will read!

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