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stress and BBB

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I did see Dr. Aguilar in Providence and will also consult my notes - but I was curious to get opinions here.


I do believe that one of my son's last 2 exacerbations (knock on wood - grateful! 2.5 years ago) I believe was brought on by intense stress surrounding extremely difficult situation at school.


he is again experiencing trouble at school - not as difficult as before - and I do not believe due to pandas - more so due to unmet 2E needs - so


does anyone have thoughts on stress inducing exacerbation?



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My 2 cents - aside from the infection side of PANS, what I've experienced is that stress is like trying to drive the car up a hill with the parking brake on. It drags on the whole body, taxing the adrenals, thyroid, immune system, etc... and depletes resources usually used to keep a healthy supply of neurotransmitters in balance. So you may run low in things like zinc, B vitamins or such and then when there's only so much to go around, the body short changes the shipment normally slated to head to the brain for a "luxury" item like a good mood or behavior regulation.


What to do about it I think depends on your genetic tendencies. if you tend to run "iffy" on serotonin, then you'll probably run low on that. The things you need to supplement in general may need a little extra during times of high stress. The things you supplement for methylation may need a re-balance when the system's been on high alert for an extended period.


So maybe break out your notes on copper/zinc, over/under methylation, histamine...and try tweaking the things that've worked in the past. When my DD went thru prolonged stress at school last year, her adrenals and TSH got out of whack. Aside from matrculating from Ms. Evil Teacher, CoQ10, Vitamin C and lymph massages helped. We also did a spectracell blood test that showed a few deficiencies, notably choline. Supplementing choline really helped in the fatigue dept and made her feel better balanced. Would one of your docs consider a similar test? In my house, small deficiencies seem to have big consequences.


Keeping you and DS in my thoughts!

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Smarty --


As usual, I yield to LLM's expertise with respect to methylation, et. al.


Below is a link to a paper about stress contributing to blood brain permeability, so yes, I think that's a real issue. And I know, for us, periods of high stress can start the carousel turning to where one stressful thing seems to feed upon the next, and it just becomes crucial to GET OFF THE CAROUSEL! To stop the cycle, you know? I honestly think that the point at which our DS finally began to turn around for good coincided to some extent with that point in time at which the BBB had finally regained its proper state and protected him sufficiently from any further assaults.




Hang in there!

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STRESS: Don't forget about GOOD stress. As funny as that sounds, when learning about my children's sensory issues, I noticed that Good stress (like anticipating xmas, etc.), and Bad stress, both can be interpreted by the brain as the same: A heightened emotional response, which when prolonged, can have the same exact outcome on the body.

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