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DMG, Methyl B-12 Injections & Enhansa

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I am relatively new to this group, but I do look up answers a lot in the last few months since there are so many knowledgeable people on here.


Question: DMG, Enhansa, Methyl B-12.


My son is 3.5 and on DAN treatment for 4 months & doing well. He is on Methyl B-12 injections prescribed by his DAN & DMG. I recently upped his DMG slightly due to parents mention of gains from DMG.... & BAM my son went from labeling things with one word to using 2 or 3 word phrases, & kind of role playing when he plays like his Nuerotypical twin.


So then he seemed yeastier, I had to use Lotrimin in his diaper, which I hadn't needed to do in a while. So I added a tiny bit of Enhansa to our regiment to counter balance the yeast. Enhansa is supposed to boost Glutathione while still being an antifungal. OK that works but one day I used a tiny bit too much & he was itchy everywhere, so backed it down to 250mg twice a day. He is 35 pounds. He also take AFP Peptize & Tri-Enza before meals.


Does DMG come in an injection, would that keep the progress yet keep the yeast-beast away


I would love to find that right combination for my child (that puzzle piece) & what is Deplin? Any help is appreciated

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Hi Momwithacause,


It sounds like you are making exciting progress with your son. That's great.


I'm not aware of DMG in injection form (except as a vet product).


Deplin is a dietary form of B6 and contains L-methylfolate; it's a prescription "medication"--a water soluble vitamin. You can see the company site here http://www.deplin.com/


Hope that helps and good luck as you keep tweaking things for your son, Sheila







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