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Tics and excitement / nerves

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Hi everyone

My sons tics have been very mild the last couple of weeks ( relatively speaking ) but in the last week at 2 events - his school sports carnival and today his Easter play - his facial tics went crazy . Both times he was in the spotlight and felt excitement and nerves . Seems so cruel that when he is most being watched his tics would go crazy . It made me very stressed and I just want to know is there a way to minimize this happening that anyone has come across ? Does all the work just go out the window when a child is excited and we just have to accept this or does anyone think that some of the work done will eventually help in this elevated emotive state too ? It's very disheartening to see such an outburst just when you feel you are able to start seeing some links and patterns forming . Would love to hear from others . Thanks :)

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Hi Zinto

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be helpful with excitement and stress induced tics.



Just to give you some encouragement, my son is now in his 20s and writes and performs his music, so is "on stage" frequently. Most people in the audience would not even know he has TS.

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it is always reassuring to hear how well your son is doing Chemar.

My son is only 7 so I wonder if CBT would be of any use/help to him yet ? he is pretty aware of his tics and can control them when he tries to.

I just wonder if it is still too young though ?
would there be a certain therapist with certain skills I would be looking for in my research ?

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The most important thing to look for in a therapist imo is that they have a caring and compassionate attitude.

Avoid any who are domineering or that make you feel uncomfortable. I suggest the parent meet the therapist first and basically interview them to be sure you feel comfortable entrusting your child into their care.


And obviously, a therapist with experience and qualifications in CBT as well as a working knowledgwe of TS/tics....and experience in using the modified CBT techniques recommended for children under 8yo

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