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NY Times- Think like a doctor mystery

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Could it be PANDAS? Here is the link



Since Dr. Jory Goodman is the diagnosing Psychiatrist in the article, I think ithere is a good chance. Dr. Goodman blogs on Psychology Today about adult PANDAS and has even submitted medical journal articles on the subject.

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Of course through my lens of lyme/bart I would say bartonella. The rages are very bartonella-like and cyclic. Severe abdominal pain can be a symptom as well. It was one of DD's and resoved within 1 week of starting abx treatment.


Perhaps bartonella induced PANS.

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Oooh! Please make sure and post the follow-up!


I'm betting on PANDAS/PANS, myself. The behavior I see most frequently associated with porphyria is depression, and while this young man is almost certainly very unhappy in terms of his current state, the explosiveness and aggressiveness of his episodes sounds different to me.

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