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Cannaboid OIl-RESULTS!

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I just re-read this thread (oy!). We are considering trying again w/ds16 for anxiety, and some calming would be nice around here. Have had to call Crisis Team 2x recently; we're 6 months post-IVIG so effects could be wearing off.


What are your current dose levels for someone approx. 140#, 16 yrs. old?

DH has been taking 15 drops 1x/day and reports that it's helping w/anxiety A LOT.


We'll stick w/Bluebird Botanicals' CBD Oil 250mg, same as last year.



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CBD has a grassy taste. Its oily, obviously but clears the palate quickly. My daughter takes 15 drops 2x day. She doesnt like the taste of CBD but has no trouble taking it. We never had to mask the taste by mixing just give a couple gummies as chasers.


We tried several times with my son. He does not appear to do well with CBD and counter-intuitively he gets more ADHD and ODD.

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I just started taking CBD oil yesterday for my PANS. The main symptom I am looking to improve is my severe anxiety and panic, and I'm hoping it may help with pain as I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts and I get a lot of back pain, joint pain, which could also be from PANS as well. I have been having a rough time this year and have been sick very much even when I was still on Augmentin. I tried an antiviral and had a horrible reaction and so we decided to try the CBD oil.


I am 24, weigh 170lbs or so, and I have started out with 2 squirts (which is 1mg) 6x a day. Which is only 6mg a day. I am wondering if I should try more. However, last night, after all of my doses I felt slightly hypomanic in a way. I had so much energy and was able to have a break from the intrusive obsessive thoughts and constant anxiety and I did a bunch of chores and did my homework early. When my boyfriend got home he was surprised to see how much better I was feeling. I didn't even think about it until today, but maybe the CBD oil is helping. I am quite sensitive to all medications and substances, and have had adverse reactions to smoking marijuana in the past actually, so I know starting slow will be best but I'm having a lot of hope for this product right now. I will do anything to get some relief from this anxiety that is ruining my life.


I'm thinking of working up to 12mg a day, then maybe 16.

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Bumping for updates. 


I am am very curious about this as we are deciding between high dose and low-dose I VIG. And I am wondering if doing the CBD oil along with a low-dose IVIG would be beneficial for my soN.  I have two different doctors suggesting I VIG but one at high dose and one at low-dose. We have an immune deficiency and pandas. I went to the bluebird website to order but there are too many different options. What are you starting at?

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I just wanted to attest to the benefits of CBD oil for what appears to be these symptoms.  My wife is a functional medicine doctor and has been working on a PANS/PANDAS diagnosis for a 5 year old female who has been experiencing the onset and progression of OCD/ADHD rage and other tantrums since 18 months old.  The parents have been trying to implement a detox protocol with this child for 6 months however the child has been non compliant.  The child appears fine during the day at school and in social situations however at home is constant tantrum after tantrum with only breaks when the child is sleeping or on electronics or playing in solitary in their room without any interruptions.  The child will not groom including bathing shower or bath, combing hair, brushing teeth and now lately most clothing regardless of size, texture bothers her.  It takes the parents 1-2 hours most morning to execute a morning routine of eating, dressing and brushing teeth.  Hair is off the table and has been for years unless she is bathed first and even then there is massive tantrums and protests.

These symptoms have become progressively worse over time and come and go.  The child has been in OT since 2 as well as child/family therapy.  The child does not respond to positive motivation or encouragement under most conditions and is defiant to all directions both positive and negative.  

Out of desperation the parents discovered CBD for treatment of ODD (which is the diagnosis given by the psychiatrist) symptoms and decided to give it a try.  The child is very food averse and will not willingly take any supplements or vitamins making it very difficult to be compliant with any prior treatments.  The parents warm up some chocolate almond milk and put two droppers of 11 MG Charlotte's Web CBD in a glass (the mint chocolate kind) to get the child to take this.

The results have been outstanding.  The parents have noticed an immediate change in their child's behaviors.  Not more tics, sounds, grunts, rage and defiant behavior.  The child responds well to positive motivation and is executing their daily routines with ease, in fact the child was last reported to get dressed and brush their teeth in under 10 minutes!  Sensitivity to clothing sizes and textures have improved as well.  For the first time in a long time the parents are seeing the child who has been missing for years due to this condition.  The CBD is being given twice a day, as other has mentioned a low dose may make symptoms worse, despite it not making sense a higher dose has the best effects for this child so other parents may want to try a higher dose before giving up.

The parents are still looking for a positive diagnosis for PANS with my wife however CBD has been the largest noticeable improvement for this child to date in managing the symptoms.  I wanted to share this experience for other parents who are in crisis with their child and are looking for help.


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