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Has anyone used Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help treat Mycoplasma P.

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I have been reading Buhner's Book on Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections. The section on Mycoplasma is great. I never knew realized what damage this horrible live bacteria could do to the body. So this mama is ready to go to war.


My son has had a Genova testing done to analyze Omega 3,9,6 and saturated Fatty acids. My son is deficient in Omega 9's, Oleic, a-Linolenic , Arachidonic, and just barly in the range for Omega 6's. His AA/EPA is deficient also.


I do give him fish oil but I know that these Omegas are not supposed to be mixed or they will cancel out each other. So do I need to alternate days when I give them to my son. Like MWF give fish oil and the other 4 days give Omega 9 and 6. Can Omega 9 and 6 be given together? Sorry for so many questions.


Back to olive oil, Buhner recommends 2-3 ounces daily. I'm working towards that dosage with my son. I have actually found a drink to make up the olive oil and it hids the taste pretty well. Does Olive Oil help with Mycoplasma inflammation? I always thought that fish oil would help but my son cannot tell any difference with it. He has been on fish oil for at least 2 years.


After reading Buhner's book, I'm totally convienced that we are dealing with Mycoplasma P. My son had testing on Monday to check for levels. Can't wait to get the results.


Edit: One or two other questions. Does Olive Oil help the body detox? I add lemon to my son's water everyday. Should detoxing be done everyday when you are on an antibiotic? My son is on Bixan. So many questions, thanks in advance for any help.

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Glad you read the book. It's full of information and paradigms you will find no where else.


It would be well worth your time to read the rest as well, if only to get a feeling of how other infections might act. The Herbal Antiviral and Herbal Antibacterial books are also great in their own right. I am looking forward to his upcoming book on Babesia.


Buhner suggests in the book that MS symptoms may be associated with the nutrient deficiency caused by mycoplasma infection. Dr Terry Wahls successfully treats secondary progressive MS in both herself and her patients with an optimum nutrient paleo protocol.




At this point a light went on. Treating with nutrition, herbal antibiotics and herbal immune modulators just made sense to me.


We use large doses of olive oil daily on salads (with sea salt and other spices) and drink what's left at the bottom of the bowl. We are also using 500 mg olive leaf extract daily. Buhner suggests that soaking the herb/extract in the oil will increase the helpfulness of both. I tried that once but it was too bitter to handle, and we can handle a lot.


Yes, you need to continually detox. Lemon water with stevia, psyllium fiber to keep things moving, (some use charcoal or other binders, we don't), Epsom salt baths every other day. Lots of water to drink. Milk thistle to help the liver (it is the main detox organ), liposomal glutathione (master antioxidant).

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I'm afraid to try the leaf because it has the tendancy to lower blood pressure. So far blood pressures are still staying up and my son has been able to go down to a lower dosage of Midodrine. Our cardioloist is impressed. I have ordered the Japanese knotweed and hoping my son can tolerate it.

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