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Daily Charting Ideas/Input Welcome

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I have been really lame in the charting dept. I kept a Journal the first year, tracked meds he's taken, keep a box of shame with most of the meds/supps he's had, and for the last 18 months have a daily sheet I used to track foods, check off his supps, make little notes on re/ behaviors, etc....but it's not good for any real cycle-like tracking aside from reminding my tired brain, which can't remember anything anymore, if I am able to re-read my chicken scratch notes!


Can anyone share thier version of a daily chart/log/calendar that they feel is really effective for them? I have redone mine 20 times but I'm so brain-tired I just do the same thing over, slightly modified.


Thank you in advance! If you could even share what some of the details you track are, and is it by hour, portions of day, entire day or week? I don't have a laptop, only IPad and a box, so that's why I've used hand written so far...

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