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My 7 year old son and Tics

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My son is 7 and for the past couple of years his tics have gotten progressively worse. He started with finger tics- he would twist his fingers all different ways, all the time. I spoke to his pediatrician about a year ago because it had progressed from finger twisting to head shaking. He said it was involuntary and to try not to call too much attention to it- as long as it didn't bother my son too much we shouldn't worry about it. His tics right now are head shaking, twirling, shoulder shrugs, and finger twisting. He doesn't seem to have any vocal tics as of yet. He spent the weekend with my mother in law- and while she knew about the tics- she didn't know how bad they had become- she was scared and thought he was having a seizure at one point. I have never experienced anything like this- neither my husband or myself have tics, nor do my other children. I am going to try a week long break from all video games and I am going to print a calender and mark all the times that I see his tics, I am really hoping that they will decrease and that this will be my answer. If not, I will be taking him to a neurologist. Is there anything else I should be doing? I feel like I am flying blind. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Jamieh02, Nice to have you on our Forum, welcome.


I'm so sorry your family is going through this with your young son, I know it is very difficult.


We have a checklist for possible triggers. Don't get overwhelmed when you see it! These were shared by parents and doctors who had learned first hand or through patients of things that can aggravate or trigger tics. (In addition to videos you mentioned.)




You can download it and print it -- then take some time to consider what might be playing a role in your situation and what changes you think you can make to help further nail down and avoid any triggers.


However, if your son is having such a difficult time it could be good to see a neurologist while you do this, to rule out any other issues just so nothing is overlooked.


When you are keeping the log you mentioned (a great idea!) be sure to include foods he is eating.


Chemar has saved some key posts that have a lot of information you can go through. Its at the top of the page and "pinned." Its called Helpful Threads for Tourette Syndrome and Tics




Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going. Members here would love to hear from you again and share their ideas/thoughts with you. Sheila







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Welcome to the forum, it will be the best place to find lots of answers and things to investigate. My son's tics became very noticeable at aged 7, but on reflection he had they hard eye blink tic earlier. He developed vocal and motor tics. They were at their worse last year when I went searching for answers and landed here, which I am so thankful for.


Following the advice here and reading Sheila's book "Natural Treatment for Tics and Tourette's" has been extremely helpful. We completed hair analysis and my son was toxic in Aluminium, which does lodge in the central nervous system and brain. He is slowly being detoxed from this and we of course avoid anything Aluminium as much as possible. Heavy Metals are very common amongst kids with tics, so I definitely recommend this as a starting point. Other issue to look at are gut issues, we use two different probiotics and have made some minor dietary changes based on his reactions to some foods which were identified as triggers that worsened his tics. Others have had to make more dramatic dietary changes, but each of our children are very different. If possible work with in Integrated Medical Practice and or a Naturopath to get your child's nutrients and minerals right. We have also gone chemical free in the home and have bought air purifiers.


From where we started to where we are now, has been an amazing turnaround. Things have continually improved, his tics are still there, but are so minor, most people don't know he has them. He has flares occasionally which we can usually sort lived. Could not be happier. Good luck

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If he has any type of seasonal allergies I would look into food. My son started at seven with it getting worse. He had them a little but it got so bad. If u thing allergies are involved look into food.

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