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Refresher...my DD14 is still quite ill despite 3 years of aggressive ILADS treatment for Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Brucella, viruses, yeast, etc. We've addressed diet, MTHFR, detox, immune support, etc.


I finally took her to an immunologist at the request of her neurologist who is treating her for Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (which 3 of her doctors believe was caused by Brucella). He is concerned that she has such a long history of weird infections.


So the immunologist ran some basic immune function tests (we already knew her total IGG levels are normal; only subclass 3 IGG are low).


Her CD19 (B cells) came back low - even the lab flagged them as low - yet the immunologist said they are still normal since they "aren't low enough to be concerned." Ugh.


Believe me, I don't need one more diagnosis for my daughter. However, how low is low enough to be taken seriously?


Her CD19 levels are 7% (range is 9-30) and Absolute CD19 is 117 (range 130-800).


The fact that she her symptoms and lab tests were never "bad enough" is what delayed her getting help in the first place. I believe that she has been sick with tick-borne illnesses most of her life, but no doctor would take her seriously because her labs always looked "normal enough."

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My daughter's CD19 was low 2 years ago when they ran a Lymphocyte subset panel (absolute and percentage). It was also ignored, but she was receiving IVIG at the time.


My daughter's last ivig was in June. Her IgG 2 subclass is now low. It was actually elevated end of 2012 because of the infusions she was receiving - so it dropped a lot. Ig4 is very close to being in the low level. The others igg levels are normal but dropping as well. My daughter has walking pneumonia right now. Have consult with dr. soon.

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I don't know much about CD19 but was thinking maybe investigating other issues and trying other therapies to get her to next level of recovery.


Have you check her amnio acids yet (Dr. Data)? Have you checked for mold (Real Time Labs Mycotoxin Urine Test)? Have you considered checking Nagalase? Have you ever done Spectracell... inner blood cell utilization of vitamin/minerals. Heavy Metals testing?


Her headaches could also be from a severe magnesium deficiency (look up the link between magnesium/migraine headaches). Spectracell might give you some perspective on her magnesium levels. One of our Dr.'s gives Magnesium via IV for migraines and works every time. Remember Lyme loves the magnesium so easy to become deficient when treating aggressively.


We have had great success with the following Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, HD IV Vitamin C which converts to Hydrogen Peroxide at higher doses and treats the bugs inner cellularly. Older son is close to symptomless and is IgG deficient inclusive of IgAs. We are not pursuing IVIG at this time due to his level of symptoms.


Grass Fed, Cold Pressed, Organic Whey Protein has also been really helpful as it raises Glutatione Levels. We use Tera's Way.

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The trouble with doctors is that most of them don't know that the "Reference" ranges on tests are not ideals; they are simply the average readings of people who have lately been tested at that lab. Since people don't usually have specialized tests such as those you described unless they're sick, for the doctor to ignore your issues because they're not that much out of the reference range is stupid! That's like saying your child is not that different from other sick people, so let's ignore it.

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