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Artifiicial Dyes & Hyperactivity

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Great article!


I figured out dyes were an issue for my oldest son 13 years ago and was the "joke of the neighborhood" when a mom constantly brought out her Costco container of red licorice.


A food petition by blogger "Food Babe" might get some changes. She has tackled with success chemicals in Kraft Mac n Cheese, flame retardant in Gatorade, yoga mat chemicals in Subway sandwich bread, and hidden MSG in pizza. Mexico does not have HFCS in their soda. No wonder American kids have so many learning disabilities and behavior labels.


For me it was blind trust in our FDA. After learning huge increases of pesticides on GMO crops was approved without testing I woke up and started researching and changing the way my family eats.


Our power is in our spending. An 11% decrease in profits will make a company change its product. Mothers need to unite!

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