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confused. lyme? strep? band 39 IND?

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The radio interview you saw on Lyme is from years ago. Keep in mind these Dr.'s do not like to make strong opinions on topics that are not well researched.


The current 'state of affairs' is that many LLMDs are now seeing PANS/PANDAS/Lyme induced Autism children that present with less traditional symptoms of Lyme.


In our experience as treatment progresses, there is less psychiatric symptoms and more traditional symptoms as the immune system activates and responds in a more normal fashion. Our older son does not have any obvious signs of OCD but now suffers from horrible brain fog, fatigue, stamina issues, etc. He will also mount fevers and get sore throats when ill when he didn't previously. He also had swollen and kissing tonsils at time of onset and for the first two years of treatment. We did not remove his tonsils and they are now normal in size (do not kiss at back of throat).


You will often read on the forum that someone will have obvious symptoms of strep in a household (parent or sibling) but the PANS/PANDAS child will only have an increase in psychiatric symptoms and no other signs of strep. When culture they are positive for strep.

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