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My son burst out with hives on Saturday and they are almost all over his body today: arms, back, behind, chest and legs. He's had hives a couple of times before (pre-PANDAS) for no real reason I could ever discern. We gave him a Zyrtec pill this morning and an Advil. Didn't seem to do much, as they are actually worse tonight.


On Saturday, he went to a birthday party where they had junky candy.. At first I thought that was the cause--and it might well be--but now I'm not so sure. He doesn't have food allergies that I know of, but I've never tested him. Normally we don't do food coloring, except on relatively rare occasions, but he's never reacted to it or anything.


Thoughts on if this could be somehow PANDAS-related? I know that hives can be a rare symptom of strep. Tomorrow is pretty much the busiest day ever at work. Gah, the WORST TIMING.


Tonight we gave him a Benadryl pill. At least he'll sleep well, right?

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Hives are always a signal for me that some PANDAS-y stuff is about to hit. I seem to get them when my immune system is stimulated, ESPECIALLY at this time of year with seasonal allergies starting. I just start taking an anti-histamine daily until the pollen calms down, and the hives seem to reduce.

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My DS got hives literally from scalp to soles of his feet 2 years b4 his crash...I always suspected it was connected but never knew it was a Strep 'thing'. Thank you for solving one more of his mysteries.

It was horrible, and they lasted for a few weeks. An ER run got him steroids, massive antihistamines, etc but it was a very hard couple of weeks for him.if only I had been smart enough to think of a strep swab! At least they (and associated itching) eventually went away. He's on almost 28 months and counting of non-stop itching now, but no hives...although it waxes and wanes it never ever completely leaves him.

Good luck and I hope he kicks this bout quickly. Thanks again for the post.

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