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A new norm?

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Reaching out to those whom are later in the recover phase....


My ds, whom has received IVIG, abx treatment, and T/A is doing quite well.


Since his last flare in September, (a horrible one), he has had 2 flares. One in late January, and one just this past week.


There has been dramatic differences with his last 2 flares.


1) Minimal symptoms: only motoric movements observed with slight mood change only observed in 2nd flare.

2) Started full dose abx immediately within 12 to 24 hours of observed symptoms

3) Complete 100% turn around in 24 hours with abx to 100% normal baseline behavior


As a parent of Pandas, I don't want to get my hopes up, but if this his new baseline....I will take it.


While I know that there is no real norm to Pandas, can anybody chime in. Can I expect this to be a part of his recovery and expect more of the same and even more brighter days?


Yes, I can handle the truth....



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That is pretty much the same with my child except she never really had a bad flare after the IVIG. Almost 2 years since treatment no real symptoms. When she is around someone with strep or gets strep she wakes up and is off. She experiences very mild symptoms. We start her the antibiotic and by the third day she is symptom free again. I try not to look back and stay positive looking forward. We are very blessed.

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