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Terbutaline for contractions anyone?

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This isn't exactly answering the question you are asking, but I'll comment anyway.


I was given Terbutaline when pregnant with my DD14. she was breech and they used this intravenously to relax my uterine muscles in order to externally manipulate my uterus in hopes of externally turning her around (called a medical version).


She does not have PANS/PANDAS or ASD, but she has Lyme & Co and is very ill and has been symptomatic most of her life. I never considered until I read your post how the Terbutaline might have affected her.


My DS16 has PANDAS/PANS and ASD. I did not take Terbutaline with him.

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My last child born, 7 years ago while I had unknown and untreated Lyme and Bart,

was a scheduled C-section for late afternoon.

I went into labor that day,

and they gave me that drug to stop contractions so they could

do the C- section (and it was awful/ made me sick)

She is healthy and neuro typical, thank God.

It didn't affect us.

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