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Hi there - would love to hear what people are doing regarding school. My DD is in middle school, so she switches classes all day long. She has a very hard time making it through the day. All the teachers and most kids knows she has TS, but she still is embarrassed and holds back louder tics then ends up doing softer, smaller ones more frequently, and then can't concentrate. She has a 504 and a modified plan where she can leave the classroom at any time and even does some half days to take the edge off. But it's still so tough. Thinking about home school/online learning but hate to take her out of the regular school setting.


What do you all do? Does anyone home school? Special/private school? Would really love to know your experiences and what works/doesn't.


Thank you!

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my son is an adult now so thankfully those days are behind us! :)


He started in a private school for Elementary and had an IEP there.

Home schooled for part of 5th grade as he was withdrawing from the dreadful rx meds

Started Public School in 6th grade and MUCH preferred it there! Had a 504 plan that continued into High School and was invaluable. We made use of the courses being offered via the state's Virtual School as well so he had shorter school days in High School


I took a very active role, meeting with all teachers at least once a quarter to update on any accommodations and his physicians wrote whatever letters were required to support the needed accommodations. The head of special ed and school nurse were always present.

I also kept everyone in the loop via email when any flare ups of either TS. OCD or Crohn's

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