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I really did not understand what this was until I made the connect with another post. When my son became sick back in December 2010, I kept taking him back to the doctor because of a severe headache. The next symptom was the scalp pain and then his symptoms kept getting worse after each illness. On a recent test, the Kynurenic Acid showed up high and out of range 22.1 normal range (10.6-19.7) My son's worse symptoms are his headache and scalp pain. So I'm having a hard time of understanding why an immunologist doctor will not do some more testing in this area or is this a neurologist field. This can cause encephalitis. and I believe encephalities is treated more agressively. My son was checked for a few different types of encephalities on a panel 2 years ago but I am concerned about the NMDA Receptors Antibodies Encephalities. Is anyone on the forum dealing with this type of encephalities? I was also wondering if anyone was being treated for high Kynurenic Acid levels.What is the treatment? I have asked for my son to be checked for the NMDA encephalities but are there any other new forms of encephalites that have been found in the last couple of years? I have sent my cardiologist the following articles on Kynurenic Acid and thought you might want to see them also. Our cardiologist has been great about running new test to try and figure out what is causing my son's postural orthostatic tachycradia syndrome. With all this new testing, it does seem like it is immune related. Here are the articles. Happy reading.











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Awesome Info. Wish I had a Neuro on board. I posted one of the papers separately. I am sending it to some of the Dr.s I know and a BBB expert. Fascinating is the gut, liver connection. I feel like all the dots are there. Now how do I erase them!

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I hate to tell you this but it's also found in non-paraneoplastic encephalities. I have found more research to prove this. I am also checking to see if this affects anti-adrenal encephalities. I will post the articles later today or tomorrow.


Here are the other articles that I found for non-paraneoplastic encephalities. I would suspect this might be the problem with my son. This is a milder form of encephalities and affects the limbs. It would cause the tremors. Here are the articles.










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