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High Titers on Sibling!

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DS13 (non-pandas) has seemed off lately. The other night he asked me to change his sheets because "something" happened and he tested positive for strep (rapid). So we ran the full Dr.T list of blood tests on him. He has strep titers 699 and 1023 and he has very high Coxsackie (as high as 1:64).


Can he be affecting his older brother with Coxsackie as well as strep? Should he be on antivirals? He's already on Axithromycin and seems much more energetic and focused.


Symptoms: he thinks he has ADHD (googled a check list), he has trouble going to skews level without me lying there and he could possibly have a sniffing tic, but no OCD as far as I can tell. Does he have pandas too?



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Well, the fact that your other child has Pandas dx definitely raises the red flag. Definitely keep a close eye on him, but don't panic yet... :wacko: I assume you are treating the infection, so this definitely buys you the time to observe...Also, I always look for the hopeful, and reasonable explanation when it comes to abrupt, odd behaviors in my kids. That being said, I am hoping for you and your son that this is him being 13, with hormones flying, and I am wondering what that "something happened" could really be...hmmm...if you follow my lead. Being 13 and hormonal also has the capacity to make any well rounded child look "off", and feel "off" in many ways.


Truly not undermining your concerns because I get and respect that any Parent whom has been thru Pandas needs to be mindful....just hoping for you and yours that this is just good old fashion puberty.....


Keep us posted.

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Tell me more about this nighttime wetting!!! DS (non-pandas) has trouble making it through the night. But he never has been able to. I chalk it up to the fact that his bladder is not big enough. Our PANDAS son has never had a nighttime accident.


My question to you rowingmom is did your ds make it through the night at one time and then regress or was he never able to make it through the night and should I be concerned.


My ds's are 6. Non PANDAS ds has no other symptoms that I would ever consider to be PANDAS other than not being able to stay dry the whole night through. We wake him in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it has worked for us. We are considering an enurisis alarm...



EDITED: From what I have read - it says it's usually a new onset of bedwetting. In our case he has never been able to go the whole night dry. During the day he is fine and does not have any increased frequency of peeing.

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Ours was new onset and started shortly after DD developed ticcing and the other symptoms I associate with PANS (Aug 2008 - see my signature). Prior to that she had been dry at night. Night-time wetting was sporatic and would get worse with strep or other infections (as all the PANS symptoms did), as did urinary frequency (she was tested for UTI so many times). I didn't realize either was a symptom until I twigged on PANS/PANDAS in 2011.


For her this symptom resolved quickly with bartonella abx treatment and only flared once (again with all other PANS symptoms) when I tried to add GSE (grapefruitseed extract) to her protocol.


The LLMD and I have never quite figured out what caused that flare. It could have been a yeast die-off, or a buildup of toxins caused by a CYP450 blockage (grapefruit does that and is the reason why you shouldn't drink grapefruit juice while taking statins).

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