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I'm just wondering if anyone else is using Taurine and has seen improvements in their childs symptoms. I have been reading and seeing some Doctor's protocals online for treatment of PANS/PANDAS. Taurine is listed and being used as a supplement. Taurine supposedly deregulates CaM Kinese and will help raise GABA levels. I started using a very low dosage with my son this last week. Is anyone else using Taurine and seeing good results?

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We don't use taurine any longer, but we did use it for quite a while when DS was in the depths of PANDAS. And yes, I agree that it helped.


For us, it seemed to support an improvement in short-term memory, which he lost to a great extent for a while during PANDAS. Like he would get in the shower and then become distressed because he'd forget where he was in the process of washing himself. He couldn't remember whether he'd washed his arms already, for instance. Those sort of sequencing, short-term memory reliant tasks were horrible for him for a bit; he needed constant support and reminders.


After introducing the taurine for about a week, though, he improved noticeably. He could complete multi-step tasks without losing track, and overall his short-term memory seemed to be in better shape.


Good luck!

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I started my DD on 500 mg of Taurine daily last week because of this forum. She is age 12 with TS and severe screaming tic. I started Taurine tuesday after awful screaming tics on Monday. By Tuesday night tic had reduced by 80%. This week it is gone. We are doing other things too but I think the Taurine really helped with this specific tic.

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