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Zinc Deficiency and OCD/PANDAS


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I went to a support group for woman with children that have health issues. They discussed that Round-UP and GMO's not only chelate magnesium creating deficiencies but also zinc and believe that zinc supports strong sperm and there may be a link to lower zinc and difficulty conceiving.


Isn't low zinc implicated in Anorexia and OCD? What are your thoughts?


Our Dr doesn't supplement. I understand he has seen benefits and harm just like some here have both positive and negative reactions. I am sure it needs to be based on your 23 and me but thought I would ask.

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I've never heard nor read of zinc deficiency being associated with OCD specifically. What does appear to be in the literature is a connection between low zinc levels and ADD/ADHD. We found out (rather accidentally) that zinc supplementation seems to help our DS with focus.

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I just found an excerpt from Dr. James Greenblatt, who was mentioned before on this forum as an integrative psychiatrist.


"Malnutrition exacerbates depression and eating disorder behaviors by depleting the brain and body of vital nutrients. These nutritional deficiencies can and do have profound effects on the brain. Several studies have shown that deficiencies of zinc, cholesterol, and B vitamins are found in patients with depression. People struggling with eating disorders may also have abnormal levels of zinc and other nutrients."


I found out this weekend we have increased pesticides on our food by 300% therefore chelating these essential nutrients.


What supplement do you use?

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Before PANS when I was doing 'biomed healing' with my daughter,

Zinc supplementation was very common,

a relation to mercury depleting zinc in the body.

(Google mercury and zinc deficient / autism)


Recently, H pylori has been on my radar

(awaiting test results)

and I've been reading about

Zinc carnosine helps heal a leaky gut/ repair the membrane.

So of course I ordered some,

being the supplement junky I am ;-)

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We started out with just the little zinc "melts," Zicam style. We thought DS was coming down with a cold so suggested he start taking those, and coincidentally, he reported a better ability to focus while that was going on.


Thereafter, we have used a SolaRay product called OptiZinc which supposedly contains the most bio-available form of the mineral. We get it at our local Vitamin Shoppe.

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