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Clindamycin and improvement

Mary M

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Dd has been debilitated for many months. She stopped taking augmentin and all supplements Dec 17, 2013 as per her "they were not working". Had IVIg #3 Aug 8/9, never improved, only got worse. Has a dental cleaning appt scheduled for Tuesday so started on Clindamycin 3 days ago and I am seeing definite positive changes in function. Vocal tics are non existent, they were continuous, even during sleep. She was able to do school work on Friday. Engaged in social interaction with family and friends Friday night and Saturday night.


Has anyone used clindamycin long term?


Our ped was concerned about using it for the dental cleaning but the pediatric dentist suggested it.


So I am wondering....do we risk C. diff for function?


from Michigan

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