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Natural Calm/Kids Calm - advice please


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I am really needing some advice specific to my DD situation. 12-year old about 85 pounds. TS with eye blinking, facial grimaces and vocal tongue-clicking tics. Started about a week ago on Kids Calm and Elderberry as a result of success stories seen on this forum. Also bought Natural Calm because KidsCalm is only 240 mg of Magnesium and Natural Calm (for adults) is 325. My thinking is that she is almost adult sized I would add 1 tsp of Natural Calm to Kids Calm to up the magnesium. Also bought Taurine which I am planning to add to the mix today. After almost a week I do see a slight improvement.


Here's my questions -

Do you think my plan is a good one for her weight and age?


Can I give her more in a day? Have seen that it's OK to give more per day until you see that the stools are getting too loose. I am totally willing to try that but not sure if it is safe.


Does anyone else have experience with Elderberry? Wondering if this is helping. Started both Kids Calm and Elderberry at same time. We have autoimmune issues so I thought it would help.


Any thoughts on the Taurine? Does not seem to be included in KC or NC, yet I read it is important to properly absorb the Magnesium.


Also had her on Nordic Naturals Omega 3 but stopped because Omega 3 is in the Kids Calm.


Seeing a nutritionist this week, but wanted to get perspective from this forum too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all and thank you for this excellent, life-saving forum.

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I think I recall (it's been a while) using around a heaping teaspoon of natural calm in hot water with honey when we were using it. Like you say, the real indicator will be the loose stools. I don't think we could go above that dosage in one day.


On some days, we would do epsom salt baths in addition to the NC, (NC in the morning, epsom salt in the evening) which didn't adversely affect bowel movements.


We stopped the natural calm when we started using the spectrum complete multivitamin, which has 200 mg. of magnesium per serving.


I think we tried taurine a couple of times before we settled into a stable pattern of supplements (consisting of the multi and glucosamine sulfate, but these in addition to a clean diet), but I thought I perceived an adverse reaction (increase in tics) and at the time that was not what I wanted to see, so I stopped it. I may have been crazy, but didn't take any chances.


I was hesitant to add anything without the advice of one of the drs. at the environmental practice we were going to. On the couple of ocassions that I did try something on my own, I made sure I did it and nothing else at the same time, and watched like a hawk to see if there were and reactions, positive or negative.


Good luck,



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Personal opinion (and one that others have discovered too) is to add things in gradually rather than all at the same time...that way you can usually tell better what is helping and what not


KidsCalm is a multi...Natural Calm is just magnesium.


Some people do great with taurine...others not so much. If your child tolerates it, then that is good as it can be very helpful.

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