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Does chelation help with lyme/bartonella?

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Our entire family is impacted by heavy metals and with almost the same ratios of lead and mercury. Our DD shows positive for additional metals other then lead/mercury.


In our experience heavy metal chelation can really cause symptoms to flair, deplete necessary vitamin/minerals and cause yeast to flair.


It is important to have methylation and vitamin/mineral deficiencies and infections under control in advance of chelation. I know several kids with heavy metals plus infections, have been treated for several years and only attempt gentle metals detox.


It is thought many of the 'bugs' bind to these metals releasing them when pulled with EDTA, DMSA, DMPS. (Including viruses). I am currently doing IV Chelation, been treated for Lyme et al 4 years, off antibiotics and flair each time metals are pulled. Yeast also flairs.

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It is definitely worth testing for, as its common for Lyme patients to also have elevated heavy metals. But as SFmom suggested, you need to proceed with caution in terms of treating and make sure you're working with a highly knowledgeable, experienced doctor.


Does your daughter have amalgam (silver) fillings?


An interesting book on the topic - I read it years ago now - is "Children with Starving Brains" by Jaquelyn McCandless.

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