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If you want to go gluten free


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We live on the west coast but I believe that there are Great Harvest Bread Company stores nationwide, right? When we were in MN at Mayo last summer I saw one there.....

Anyway they have GREAT GF offerings, but locally they change on a daily basis and they are not cheap.

we use them as an alternate and treat to Udi's ( our Costco trialed a huge loaf of Udi bread for 5.99!!! Sold out immediately. Watch for it as they're supposed to be bringing it back). Costco, here at least, also has GF flour blend, noodles, another brand of bread I don't love, crackers, chips, etc. I don't like to use so much rice (flour) all the time since its chock full of arsenic,so I bake bread but the fam isn't wild about mine. Trader Joes also has a pretty good selection of GF items, they will print out a list of them if you ask, plus they supposedly don't import a single item from China in the entire store. Gotta love that!

We are Pescatarian now on top of the GF....

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That has some of my very favorite, easy, kid friendly recipes, made with simple almond flour (available at Costco) or coconut flour,

which is healthy and has protein.


My whole family is not gluten/ dairy or grain free, but I have a separate toaster oven for GF items,

but the main dinner always is that we all eat,

and my youngest who is not GF often gets the same GF food as my dd,

since they snack and eat together, to make it 'fair'

and the youngest doesn't care and likes all the GF CF food too.

Honestly, Udi's plain white sandwich bread any kid will eat,

and the nice thing about Udi's bread products (bagels, breads)

you can eat them 'fresh', not frozen then toasted.


The trick is not to replace the GF CF items with high carb sugar packaged expensive replacements,

which is tempting at first, to get the kid to eat, lol.

It means actual cooking instead, and maybe laying down the law, like rowingmom said,

here is the food, it's what we have, not a short order cook,

if you are hungry, you'll eat it.

And the food tastes good, I'm not talking about placing Brussels sprouts in front of them

for the first time and expecting that-

In the beginning, to get dd to eat veggies,

if she tried it, ate some,

she'd get a little coconut ice cream for dessert.

She knows she cannot share food at school.

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I totally agree with this. Even though we are not totally not gluten free yet, what I fix is what you have to eat. I have realized that some of the evening meals that I have been serving are almost gluten free. I am assuming if you do not feel full or satisfied then you eat more gluten free food. My 16 year old son has a bottomless stomach at times.

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I am assuming if you do not feel full or satisfied then you eat more gluten free food. My 16 year old son has a bottomless stomach at times.


Increasing the amount of fat you use while cooking can help with this also. Ghee, flavourless coconut oil, red palm oil for cooking and olive oil for drizzling.


Great gluten-free, paleo type recipes here:



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