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Immune Deficiency (Insurance Co. Strikes Again!)

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This, too, is slightly off-topic. But as I thought many of us could relate to Randi's plight, I would post it here in the hope that we could perhaps lend her a hand.


Why do insurance companies think it is morally or ethically acceptable to deny people care for which their premiums have effectively "prepaid" and/or which are deemed medically necessary by the professional caregivers?!?!


Randi's right; it is unconscionable.






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I just have to respond. This is completely unethical. Its experimentation on a human subject without authorization or the subjects permission. Its a really big deal in the research world. One must jump through many hoops in getting permission for trials involving humans. Now we have insurance companies experimenting on people without any guidance or training whatsoever. What kind of Orwellian society are we coming to? Scary. She needs legal advice.

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I just got this petition today. It gives me chills. My DS Dr and another PANDAS Dr said they have grave concern that are kids starting in July will no longer be treated with antibiotics and antivirals because it isn't under the "standard of care" for mental issues like OCD and would be considered off labeling. Currently there is legislation that they are trying to pass to stop all off labeling.


I have been asking around to find validity to these concerns and Randi's plight speaks volumes!

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