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Anyone using Deplin with their kids?

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Prescription meds aren't tackling depression and bipolar type symptoms for my 18 year old son. A mother on this forum so kindly private messages me about her child's success with Deplin.

Does anyone else use this supplement with their children? Any experiences to share?


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My daughter takes deplin, and it works well for her- but she MUST have methylcobalamine (methyl B12) with it, and a certain amount of B6 (P5P form). She is MTHFR compound heterozygous, but also takes medications that deplete folate. Deplin is a very, very high dose of methylfolate and most people require a lower dose, w/ higher doses causing problems. Just saying, you need to procede w/ caution and get as much info as you can about your child and the vitamins you are using. LLM's posts have a lot of info on methylation/using methylated supplements, so you might want to search out her posts for more (and better) info.

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Metanx is a prescription medical food that combines methlyfolate, P5P (B6) and methylcobalamin (B12), all in the bioavailable form.


From Wikipedia:

Metanx contains the following active ingredients (per capsule):

##L-methylfolate (Metafolin): 3 mg.

##Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate: 35 mg.

##Methylcobalamin: 2 mg.


My hubby takes the generic "Foltanx" - NOT to be confused with Foltx - which is the cheap folic acid, B6 and B12.


Also, another option, especially for those with problems with absorption, is Methyl Life's B-Methylated II, which has the methylfolate and methylcobalamin (bioavailable B12) and it is sublingual, to go directly into the bloodstream.

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