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Auto Immune Illness Treatment?

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I've been off line for a while b/c I stopped getting emails when the lyme forum merged with the PANDAS forum. I was very busy with a move and now I'm back online. We are doing really well post lyme but today I am posting a question that I also posted under the HPV vaccine thread regarding a friend's daughter who is very ill. She developed an auto immune condition that is attacking her kidneys. This developed a week after she received the second HPV shot of the series. The doctors tell her it has nothing to do with the vaccine and they want her to start on a chemo drug very soon. She has been on steroids and apparently it has stopped attacking the kidneys. Where should she go to get alternative treatments to healing her auto immune condition that does not involve chemo? She plans to see advice from integrative doctors. I told her latent infections, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, musco skeletal imbalances, etc. could contribute to the stress on the body. We did not deal with auto immune conditions during our illness so I am not familiar with the tests they do for these things and the treatments. She is located in Northern California and any practitioners in that area who are good would be helpful. Thanks, Patty

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I don't have any info on California as I'm from canada, but my dd5 is dealing with autoimmune issues as well. From what I gather, what you call integrative docs there would bet he docs here who we have found to. Be the most helpful in the whole body approach to autoimmune regulation. Rheumatologists (again, depending on their philoposphy base) have been helpful for looking at some creative options for us as well.

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