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Out of control In school

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I apologize if everyone is sick of me talking about ds8 and his pathological situation at school. I think I'm going to explode! I've already enrolled him in a small private school to start feb 10. The IEP meeting is feb 5. I was just informed today by the psychologist that her computer crashed and I may not be receiving any test results on Monday as promised. Is this a game?!


In the meantime my son is out of control in school and there has been nothing done. I have begged for an aide to be placed in the classroom to no avail. 20 students, 1 teacher and 6 of the kids are major behavioral problems. My kid is definitely one of them.


His biggest fear is gum , and wouldn't you Know his teacher is now chewing!! On Tuesday he ate a cupcake out of the trash can while all the kids watched. He has a compulsion to eat things off the floor, food and non food items alike. This is a first for the trash can! The kids were mordified! He has been a totally dysregulated and getting in trouble all day long, loosing his recess, having to sit at the "quiet table" at lunch (the worst punishment for an 8 year old) being asked to sit out on the bleachers in gym. What more can they take away from this kid?! Meanwhile, no additional supervision or hp has been offered whatsoever. He feels like a failure and a bad kid. He is a ring on his compulsions and is a hyperactive wreck. He has lost all his friends and I am beside myself! I wish I hadn't decided to keep him in until this stupid meeting that is happening wed but I need that IEP eligibility as my safety net. Of course the only communication I get from the teacher is when I ask a direct question. Don't you think a parent should be notified if their child is eating out of the trash can or playing with pushpins from the floor?!? This teacher reached into his desk one day and got stuck by one if his pins and did t take them away from him.


Please say a prayer for me and DS that we will survive the week until he starts his new school! I sincerely hope that we made the right choice and that this new school will be a supportive and positive place.


Thanks for listening.

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Hang in there, JoyBop! Really does sound like you're working to get your DS out of an untenable situation. I'm sure you don't want to "burn down the house you live in," at least for the next week, but those folks deserve some shaking up, maybe at the district level! Yowza!

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The former principal (as in last year) was a truly wonderful, gifted principal. He was rightly promoted to assistant superintendent in May. I know him well as two of my older kids were in his school. I will be sending him an email on Wed and I know an investigation will follow. This new principal has for to go!!

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Its so sad! The truth is, its a great little school with wonderful teachers. It's just unfortunate that we lost our wonderful principal who always advocated for the kids AND the teachers. This never would have happened if he were still here. After we withdraw him, he is the first person I'm going to notify as he was promoted to assistant superintendent. I happe. To know there are at least 2 other kids that were withdrawn this year. He is going to ave a fit!


Does anyone else have a kid who becomes too overstimulated in places like gym and the cafeteria? How does your school/teacher handle it? Any suggestions could seriously help as we love forward to another school.

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I could. I do work, but at this point its only a couple of days. The real issue at hand is that this psychologist is so vicious that if I pull him out prior it will be like declaring war and she would most likely deny the eligibility for IEP for fear we would request services be delivered to the private school. There are laws now that a school district must provide a percentage of funds to private students. Really, I want nothing to do with them!! But that is why I chose to leave him there until the meeting. Our psychiatrist wanted him out of there two weeks prior to the meeting. I regret that these two weeks have been so difficult but I am making an investment in his future so he will never have to loose the better part of a school year to gain that eligibility ever again. Assuming this school works out, he will go To a charter school for sixth grade and will not be able to be retested until Feb of that year. But if I already have eligibility that last 3 years, I can make an appointment and pick right up on an IEP before he even gets there in sixth grade so its worth whatever hoops I have to jump through.


3 days left!! My meeting is Wed. He has a doc appointment thurs so will not be in school and I may let him to to say goodbye on Friday. I want him to have closure and be able to proudly tell kids he is going to another school. I don't want him to feel like he just disappeared one day and he didn't matter, or worse, that he had somehow failed or was running away. I will not tell him until wed bc I can't afford for him to let the cat out of the bag. Of course, he may have already told kids he visited another school and that his parents were considering his options. But I really don't think they have a clue. Unless they do and that's why the sudden "computer crash!"

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I understand more now (and a lot of it over my head, the politics, ugh!)

I have an older teenager (and I'm old)

and then 2 younger kids in the elementary school system,

and it is frankly just SAD to see the public school classrooms these days,

1 teacher to 30 kids,

and soooo many of the kids with issues.

Anyway, hang in there, good thoughts for the transition-


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